Equipping one another through God’s Word for Christ-like maturity and gospel ministry in every sphere of life.

At Tulip Grove we want to take seriously Christ’s command to make disciples by teaching them all that he has commanded us (Matt 28:20). Therefore seek to provide a balanced teaching diet of Bible, Doctrine, and Application for each stage of life so that we may grow up in Christ-like maturity and be equiped for Gospel-ministry in every sphere of life.

To this end, we provide discipleship classes for all ages. For families, we aim to cultivate a culture of family discipleship whereby our parents and children are taught the foundational truths of the gospel, equipped to answer the pressing questions of their generation, and discipled to become mature followers of Christ. Through Sunday School, our children are taught the main storyline of Scripture, laying a foundation of Biblical literacy, rooted in a clear emphasis on the gospel and what Christ has done to reconcile us to God. Among our youth, we build upon that biblical foundation training them in a Christian Worldview grounded in sound doctrine and apologetics.

For Adults, we have our Spiritual Growth Institute whereby we offer a range of classes in Bible, Doctrine, Spiritual Disciplines, and the Christian Life. In this way, we want to help every member grow in the knowledge, love, and joy of Christ.

To learn more about our commitment to discipleship, watch this sermon by Pastor Chase.