TGBC-004The Tulip Grove Men's Ministry focuses on cultivating spiritual growth, fellowship, and service among men of all ages. This ministry aims to provide a environment where men can deepen their faith with other men through Bible studies, prayer meetings, and small groups.  Overall, we seek to equip and empower men to live out their Christian faith as the leaders in their families, workplaces, and communities.



Key Elements of our Men's Ministry:

1. Bible Studies: Regular gatherings for studying scripture, discussing its application to daily life, and fostering spiritual growth through small groups or larger gatherings.

2. Fellowship Events: Social activities such as retreats, sports outings, and meals where men can build friendships and strengthen their sense of community within the church.

3. Mentorship and Support: Encouraging older men to mentor younger men in their faith journey, offering guidance, wisdom, and support in navigating life's challenges.

4. Prayer and Accountability: Creating a space for men to pray together, share struggles, and hold each other accountable in living out their faith authentically.

To learn more, please contact our Men's Ministry Leader, Ryan Hayes (