TGBC-160At Tulip Grove the primary way we seek to foster Covenant Community is through our Adult Sunday School ministry. Sunday School meets every Sunday at 9:00 AM and this is the place where gospel friendships are most easily cultivated. This is the place to get to know others and to be known by others so that you may teach, encourage, guard, pray, and serve one another as Christ has commanded us to do.

We have classes for all seasons and spheres of life so that you can build Gospel friends marked by mutual love, accountability, encouragement, and care for one another’s well-being and growth in Christ.


Adult Sunday School Classes:

  • Senior Adult Class (Room # 100): Glen Pillow
  • Senior Adult Class (Room # 102): Mike Baily & Gary Dunsford
  • Senior Adult Class (Room # 106): Steve Little
  • Senior Adult Class (Room # 105): Mike Riley
  • Senior Adult Class (Room # 223): Mike Gipson
  • Multigenerational Class (Room # 114): Kyle Cantrell
  • Multigenerational Class (Room # 118): Omar Whalen, Andy Sutherland, & Ryan Anderson
  • Multigenerational Class (Room # 301): Scott Gables
  • Young Adult (18+) Class (Room 300): Phillip Lundy
  • Adult Women Class (Room 220): Dan & Joy Wilson

If you have questions about visiting a Sunday School class, please contact the church office at